The basic fundaments of SEO newbie should consider

Search engine optimization is the process of gaining higher visibility on the search engines.seo is the technique to produce the higher traffics to a website and increase your online business. There are many strategies and tools where you can grow your site.

There are many tools by which you can analyze your website and build a strategy for promoting the site.

All major search engines Google, Yahoo, bing where a user can search there topic and these give search engine gives the relevant results among the higher ranking sites. These search engines give search results based on the ranking of the sites. Seo building tools provide the ranking and analyzing you're your site in comparison to other sites.

Some of the SEO tools are as follows:

Alexa rank checker

Alexa is to refer to the global rank checker of the website and the popularity of the website of the search engines. The rank is calculated as the daily visitor's views on the site. Alexa also maintains a graphical record of the site, which can compare your website to other relevant sites. Alexa also checks the backlinks, which are increasing the traffic to your site. Way back machine gives you an older representation of your website and the growth of your website.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the free service that Google provides to web analysis and keep records of web traffic. Google analytics gives a free solution to measure websites and gain customer insights. It measures the advertisement return for your investments. It is an essential tool used for SEO and marketing purposes. Google Analytics is the most popular tool for SEO; it gives you statics analysis of your website and daily visitors viewing the site. This small piece of javascript code is made within your analytics account.


Moz is software that builds tools that make SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing .these are the software company whose tools are designed to help the user to optimize their visibility on the search engines.

Foremost SEO strategies:
On-page SEO

On a page, SEO is for optimizing the website in order to gain high traffic in search engines. On a page, SEO contains both content and HTML source codes, which can optimize to off-page SEO.

On-page SEO contains
  • Meta tags
  • HTML source codes
  • Link building
  • Meta description of the site
  • Designing the site
  • Engagement of the user in the site

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is another strategy of promoting the site after building the site. On a page, SEO is technique you can get only online visibility on the search engines, but in off-page SEO techniques, you can improve your position in the search engines.

Off-page SEO we can do following tactics to promote the site

  • Forum posting is the method where we can post our site information to the relevant boards so users can search our website and visit there.
  • Blog commenting where we post our site information to the relevant blogs where the user finds us.
  • Backlink building this process is challenging, and it takes time for a newbie SEO to build a backlink. A backlink is a process of linking the site on other web pages to increase our traffic.
  • Directory submission
  • Search engine submission
  • Article writing

These are the basic fundaments of SEO newbie should consider.