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With the technology spreading its wings so rapidly over the years, it is only a matter of time before everyone in the world is connected. With the rapid growth of the internet and gadgets, we have depended upon them. Web and mobile phone has become the primary medium for communicating with peoples. For this reason, many businesses, even the most successful ones, have chosen this medium for promotions and marketing rather than conventional marketing mediums.

There are few ways in which you can promote your business instantly, and Email and SMS marketing are one of them.

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The importance of Email marketing

There are many reasons why Email marketing is so much important. For instance, it is highly adaptable. One can easily make emails to promote business. Moreover, one can target different social groups and make the content accordingly. Since the company is taking the online platform and constantly changing the means for targeting customers, you have to be adaptable with present and upcoming marketing trends.

Also, another important reason for Email marketing for any business and should be taken frivolously that it is very inexpensive. You can apply it to any marketing plan which your company currently has, even without spending a single amount. In this way, you will get more hits than doing nothing.

Why is SMS marketing important today?

SMS is mobile:

nowadays; everyone has a mobile phone and become a regular member of our lifestyle. In a recent study, it is shown that we check our mobile 150 times a day on average. Thus, sending direct messages to the customers will be guaranteed that the message delivered to the device, and someone reads that. However, it only works when a relevant audience is targeted. For this, our professionals are continually working on getting reliable viewers for any business. With vast knowledge in the same, they will get you great results.

SMS is read:

according to statistics data of mobile operators, 98% of SMS are read by recipients while 98% of messages read by the recipient within minutes. Thus SMS marketing guaranteed that the recipient would learn about your offered service or product.

SMS is reliable:

since the invention of mobile phones, SMS is one of the constant sources of communication. More than trillions of SMS have been sent and received over the past 20 years. Therefore, there are no other reliable means of marketing other than SMS marketing.

SMS is trackable:

from the mobile operators, you immediately view the delivery reports and check the current status of your marketing campaign. Unlike Email marketing, your campaign not even gets spam filters and guaranteed to be delivered to the customer.

SMS is engaging:

according to the mobile marketing association statical report, the customer is more likely to respond to SMS than Emails, as it is super easy to use and message by customers within seconds.

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